The Dry Cleaning System

Clean process

A Sonic Dry Cleaned air filter is more efficient, effectively reduces pollution and is less expensive than buying a new one.

The SONIC DRY CLEAN METHOD is a dramatic breakthrough in air filtration maintenance that has revolutionised the air filter industry. This unique patented system restores most cylindrical paper air filters back to 99.6% efficiency. The process uses computerised controlled air, vacuum, vibration and rotation cycles to safely restore the air filter to its maximum operating efficiency. At no stage are water or chemicals ever used during the cleaning process which is far friendlier to the environment.

Proven Fact: It is well known within the maintenance field that a new filter is less than 100% efficient. Not until the filter builds up a level of contamination, known as “pre-coat”, does it achieve optimum efficiency. This process occurs during the first 20% of the filters life. Until this time contaminates can pass through the filter media.

Proven Fact: The SONIC DRY CLEAN method has been independently tested by authorities in the USA and results have proven that a SDC cleaned air filter was still at 99.6% efficiency after the third clean. That’s better than a new filter. WHY? Because the SDC cleaned filter retains its “pre-coat” after cleaning, allowing the filter to operate at maximum efficiency immediately it is placed back into service.

Companies can reduce their air filter costs by up to 70% … or more in addition to getting greater engine and/or work environment protection. An air filter cleaned by our patented cleaning process will be a cleaner air filter and provide better engine protection than replacing a dirty air filter with a brand new filter!

Help Waste Management – By cleaning air filters rather than disposing of them after a single use. This will help reduce landfill volume by as much as 85%, because air filters can be cleaned by the Sonic Dry Clean process several times without loss of integrity or efficiency.

Fight Pollution – By always having a clean air filter. Clean air filters save on fuel costs, reduces pollution, and provides cleaner exhaust emissions.

Reduce Inventory – No need to carry large air filters inventories. You can reduce your inventory by 75%. Further decreasing costs and increasing profits.